About Frenchydutchy

Frenchydutchy Travelblog

Frenchydutchy is an inspiring travelblog for active travellers and nature lovers. Close to home and far away with a little predilection for nature destinations and northern countries. I enjoy being active outdoors and I really love breathtaking landscapes. I especially enjoy exploring nature and even in the city I never miss an opportunity to explore natural areas. I never travel without my camera and I enjoy capturing special places and moments with my Nikon, Iphone and my GoPro. This is what I aim to reflect on my blog.

If you love everything mentionned above, you’ll feel right at home here!

Why Frenchydutchy?

My blog is named after my dual French and Dutch nationality. Spending my life in two countries made me curious so I’m always looking for an opportunity to explore other places.

What will you find on this blog?

Travel inspiration, emphasising on active travel, hiking, nature and beautiful places on our planet earth. You will find articles about:

  • Canada: As we say in French I have a “coup de coeur” for Western Canada since my first visit in June 2015. In October 2016 I visited the Eastern part of the country. The country is huge and a third trip to Canada is very tempting. That doesn’t mean other far away destinations will be skipped. A few definitely conquered a place on my wishlist!
  • France: With roots in France, my love for this beautiful country is huge and I can be found there on regular basis. I truly enjoy being able to share my experiences and tips about well known spots but more especially about destinations that are less known but definitely worth to discover.
  • In addition to France and Canada I also write about destinations in Europe and in my home country, the Netherlands.

My goal is to show the most beautiful places on the map with accompanying stunning photos. I also want to show that being active when travelling brings you to the most beautiful nature spots. In short, inspiring stories and a delight for your eyes! Will you follow me?

Who is Frenchydutchy?

My name is Stéphanie; friendly, calm personality, sporty, impulsive and adventurous! Based in “the beautiful city behind the dunes” of The Hague I like to see more of the world.

I don’t have any background in journalism or communication and I had even less experience with setting up a website before I started this blog. Still my head was full of ideas that could not wait to be shared. After much hesitation, I decided to take the step and I created my own blog in three different languages. 

The focus is primarily on the Dutch reader, but I also translate my articles (as good as possible) in English and French. A great challenge and above all a great way to share my experiences and express my creativity. I hope you and other readers will find further inspiration here!

Sitting still is not an option for me and I’m crazy about relaxing actively; walking, cycling, swimming, gym, yoga and if possible each day something different. Don’t worry, it’s not like my energy never runs out. You can also make my day with a day at the spa, an afternoon lounging on the beach, a good book, a delicious dinner in a good restaurant or a concert. Similarly, when travelling, I try to create a healthy mix between active and passive relaxation, though I regularly fail here. After all, you only live once and therefore my favorite saying is “and what shall we do next?”

Enjoy reading et à bientôt!